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Friday, 28 November 2008

I love cooking!!

There's not many things that I am good at. Singing macam out, nie kan pulak acting, or other seni talent. But, one thing I know I'm good at is cooking. Bukan nak perasan, but I know I'm a good cook.
My better half was not well (and still recovering) this whole week. One of his habits, when he is not well, he will start to crave for this and that. And all of this and that has to be home cooked, not the beli from kedai stuff.
First day, he wanted chicken soup. So, after work, I cooked chicken soup with sambal kicap(my better hlaf cakap without this tak kick) and telur mata with shallots on top. This has to be served with rice (and mesti panas2). Eventhough he's not well, he still went for second serving.
Second day, he wanted spaghetti. If I cook spaghetti, I don't cook the typical way. Instead of using the minced chicken, I will use sliced chicken instead. And I have to cook 2 sets, one the non-spicy one for my baby and my princess and the other one, with cili api version, especially for my better half and my hero. This time, he tambah 3 kali ok!!
And last night, he wanted to have porridge with some condiments like sardine, ikan bilis goreng with onions and green chili, scambled eggs and ikan masin tenggiri. Sorry no pics, cause I accidently left the camera in the office.
I am so glad I can cook well, otherwise, susah gak nak melayan kerenah orang sakit yang sorang nie...

4 normalies:

lil^RED799 said...

i love cooking and baking too!!!! n yes i know am good at it too...

vagg. said...

my favourite toooooooo.
best kan masak2 nih
dan lg best bila org berselera makan pe yg kita masak!

ita.itu said... rajin masak mmg sdp aje nmpk..cuba org hampeh x reti..hehe..

Liza said...

lil^red - sebab tu lah k liza tak sabar nak rasa masakan awak, when u are back, masak tau for me...

vagg - betul tu, that's where the satisfaction is

ita - tapi ita pun terror masak kan?