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Thursday, 27 November 2008

Supermummy is giving away Gin & Jacqie bag for free!

Supermummy is giving away Gin & Jacqie bag for free!
1. Create a new post in your blog with this title:Supermummy is giving away Gin & Jacqie bag for free! - Checked
2. Answer the following question:Who is the creator of Gin & Jacqie? Jacqueline Ng

3. Complete this slogan:I deserve a super lovely Gin & Jacqie bag because....

I am so tempted to say, every woman needs a bag, that goes without saying. Being a woman who carries lots of responsibilities namely being a mother, an employee, a student, a daughter, daughter in-law, sister, aunty(stop me, I can go on forever). So, this bag will of course makes my daily routine easier, I don't have to change bag for different occassions. From the range offered, I can see these bags are suitable for all occassions.

4. Link back to Malaysian Supermummy (no link back will be disqualified ya) (Checked)

5. Leave a comment at this post so I know that you have already completed the task! (Checked)

Sounds confusing? Leave your inquiry at the comment if you have any questions! Anyway 2 winners will be picked based on creativity in completing the slogan and contest will end Friday, 28 November 2008 by 5.30pm.Good luck everyone!

2 normalies:

atty's said...

lawa gak beg tu..

Liza said...

atty - memang lawa, kalau free lagik ler tambah lawa nyer