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Friday, 19 December 2008

The hair cut...

Step in...The door to my saloon (mesti ada yg cakap, awat bughok beno pintu saloon nie)
Actually this is the door to our bathroom...yup, in our house.
One thing that others may not know, ever since I got married, most of the time, my better half would be my hair dresser. I think I have only had my hair cut elsewhere twice through out this nearly 12 years of marriage.
The main's difficult to find a good hair dresser that has a separate place for the customers wearing tudung, most of the saloon that I see, all will do the cutting in an open area which I am not so comfortable of.
So, he will cut my hair in our bathroom. Easy to clean after that and jauh dari pandangan masyarakat...
And I don't mine cause my better half is good at this. In fact he also cuts the hair for the cuties.
Again, by coincedence, consistant with the jimat cermat campaign...

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