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Friday, 19 December 2008

My better half's invention

My better is one creative person. The most creative person in my list.
By now, everyone should know my hero undergone this. So, my better half was thinking of a way to help his sleep better at night.
Since our house's ceiling is too high, no way we can do the gantung2 stuff like the one done in rumah kampung. So my better half invented this!

Cool huh, no my hero can sleep better.........(and with this, I can sleep well to :)

4 normalies:

vagg. said...

perfectoooo kak! nanti kena tunjuk kat si abang nih once dia dah beso2.. betapa nya prihatin ayah dia kan

Liza said...

vagg-i do hope so and also hope he will do the same for his children one day

ak_0143 said...

my dad pon penah wat mende ni dari dawai hanger masa beta dulu...

Liza said...

ak_0143-mesti mcm2 invention just for this purpose je kan?