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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Work in Progress

I am currently working on 2 blogs on top of the one I have now.
One is on food and warehouse sale review
And the other one on my diet progress, which by the way need to be taken more dah makin jauh nie, hihihi...this is more to instill discipline. I will blog on what I eat, and what routine I have and anything in relation to the diet.
For those who knows me, would know, I am currently seriouly looking into options of working from home. Please pray this will materialise soon....

3 normalies:

nae said...

Since you're into it, here is one of warehouse sale I've been to yesterday - Seng Hup Holdings Sdn Bhd, Jln 222 PJ. Good deal (if you want to borong lights)

zura said...

good luck on ur diet..nak address la blog lagi satu tu..
n jom f/book..

ak_0143 said...

blogger tegar!
sampai berapa blog tuh???
gud luck kak....