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Saturday, 31 January 2009

Sticky Mode Contest : 1001 reasons why I need to loose weight

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*caution:this entry is not meant to insult anyone, just a self reminder and motivator why I need to loose weight and it will change from time to time, especially when the urges to eat like a *** arise*

1. I can buy more cheaper nice clothes, usually the stores only sell this type for smaller ladies.

2. I can fit into those Dorothy Perkins sexy jeans(which I can't afford right now and may be able to afford once I'm thin enough)

3. I can squeeze into the already packed LRT. Currently, having difficulty in that area, always have to wait for the next trains.

4. My better half can carry me, just like how he always did before, nowadays, I think I can carry him instead.

5. I can have a boost to my low self esteem...

Apa lagik yer, as mentioned earlier, this will be added from time to time. Ideas are welcome and since I feel so generous, the best and original idea may be rewarded. However, I'm the sole judge and my decision is final.

Put on your thinking cap and start pouring those brilliant ideas!

15 normalies:

azrul izwan said...


1) Meals : eat heavy breakfast, fruit-y lunch and dinner as usual.don't starve urslf. Dats not the correct way. Eat as many times u want, but full with vege n fruits.oh yeah, when u do eat heavy stuffs, munch seeeelllllooooowwwwwly..dat'll help u to cepat kenyang and ur stomach digest what goes into it better.

2) Workout : follow me to gym at least 3 times a week. I now do mostly during lunchbreaks sbb I need to be home early for my family n stuffs. U know la ha..

3) Others : a- posture badan masa duduk kene straight
b- take the stairs vs escalator when possible
c- dan sbgainyer.

I'm just lucky I have a body of high metabolism tapi try la.. Jimat dan senang kira!!;p

adenium said...

kak liza...nih kene ikut jejak langkah nih... nnt saya try gak bagik idea...

- to look more presentable n confident

iNa said...

salam liza,
perhaps u wud also like to add, losing weight can make ur health condition good and thus cud avoid high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack etc :-)

YusVogue said...

Kak Liza.. you go gurl! Or maybe you can avoid taking rice.. pastu kan.. makan buah2an dan sayuran matter what it takes.. banyak pun tak pe tau..

Best Of luck!

Nurhayati said...

sis, kongsi la rahsia kejayaan nak mengecilkan badan ni..hihih.. yati nye badan dah naik kembang..huhuhu

andy21 said...

What azrul izwan said is correct.. dun eat only fruit and vege

Maybe u can eat more fish which contain minimal carbs tapi try to avoid more potatoes, rice, pasta which contain the most carbs.

what u can do, maybe:
1. Start Your Day With Breakfast (maybe with me... hahaha, ok la tu kan?)
2. Get Moving (like physical activity la.. walk NOT talk ok.. hehehe)
3. Choose the best meal and k liza dun have to give up foods mcm burger, fries & ice cream..tapi eat the small portion (lebih tuh, share ngan saya ye.. :))
4. Last but not least, workout coz k liza can do that mcm dulu kan... (saya menang moto... hehehe)

Sekian terima kasih.. :)

azrul izwan said...

Btw, I did not comment to win this contest ye. Saje nk share and ajak kak liza join saya (bukan sbb boring xd geng kat ofis).. Saje la support seruan kerajaan (ape ni??).

Anywho, kalo hadiahnyer adalah uang, MOJ;p kiddinglah

vagg. said...

kak.. will leave more comments later ye. tak sempat nak blog hop. tcare kak

ak_0143 said...

this is the contest that i cant win!
sbb tatau nak wat cmna... badan masih begini juga,...
cuma skunk exercise kasi tough sket

takpe la... next contest saya masuk k
harap dapat yang btol2 punya original idea!!!

*suka point no 4 tuh... hahaha*

andy21 said...

yang ni aku dah tak reti nak komen.. kalu bab KGdotCOM... akan ku komen kemudian...

untuk point no. 4, i think your better half (better ker??) can carry me.. ouch sekali lagi... hwa hwa hwa...

azrul izwan said...

andy gile mengoyan

ita.itu said...

wah..buat la diet afrika saya..hehe..pagi biskutkering...lunch buah rm1..malam hotdog rebus..hehe

vagg. said...

latest info kak..
- buat sit up
- skipping
skang saya tengah buat.

- we might look prettier than we are now.
- we might be able to climb the stair without the HUHHH HAHHH HUHHH HAHHHH sounds.
- health problems; HBP, diabetes,etc (low risk)
- to be continued

[S]itie [B]Um [B]Um said...

nk kurus!

Anonymous said...

layak ke nak kurus.. hwa hwa hwa.. memain je.. all the best :)