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Monday, 26 January 2009

Eating out

Alhamdulilah, we survived the first month daily commuting from BSP and KJ, travelling approx about 100km to and fro a day. That, excluding the distance of me travelling using LRT from KJ to KLCC. Everything so far is according to schedule.

I am not sure whether I have mention this. I will be cooking everyday, except for Friday nite. That will be the time we have dinner outside. Just like a celebration for going through the week. And usually, we will let the cuties choose what they want to eat. Yelah, everyday, they don't usually have a say of what I will cook for them, so kasi can lah. I will cook according to this list of menu which I prepare at the beginning of every week.

So, last Friday we had our dinner @ BSP, my baby wanted to have lamb chop. We know this place we saw offering western cuisine but never got the chance to try it.

I just had vegetable soup. I need it badly, I think I am having a fever with bad flu and cough.
My better half, biasalah, perut melayu. Nasi paprik with telur dadar.

The cuties ordered 2 lamb chops to be shared among 3 of them. And the bonus, it was a sizzling lamb chop.

Sedap hingga menjilat tulang.
And fyi, we are now @ BSP after 3 days @ Batu Pahat

Where are you guys now?

3 normalies:

me, myself, cici and titi said...

still in Brisbane my dear friend...ahaks...bilo nak sampai sini?

Liza said...

fazid - kalau ada rezki sampai ler, budget pun pretty tight ler skrg.

vagg. said...

i'm terribly spending my time at home :( :( :( hahah