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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Lempeng BBB

On Sunday, we had to leave our crib again, this time to purchase some books for the cuties. This has been a norm, whenever the school opens, there will always be books for the cuties to buy. But, from my observation, this books would normally rarely used by them at school. So, not to put the book to a waste, I will still make sure the cuties do the exercises in the book.
We were searching for a bookstore in BBB and ended up purchasing the books in the PKNS. Although we left after lunch, by the time we have finished purchasing all the books, the cuties were hungry so we stop to eat at the food court.
I am still full but I was so tempted to get the lempeng with kuah sardin sold there. Price, RM1.50 only and the taste was not bad.
My hero wanted to have the sizzling noodles but later he complained the noodles is so tak sedap! And me being a responsible mom started my lecture on how the kids in Palestine don't even have a choice whether their food must be sedap before they choose to consumed it. And of course added with all the bersyukur talk as well. Habis pun the food!
What a weekend! Hope the next weekend will be a relaxing weekend.

6 normalies:

mama funky said...

huhu...i was s0 hungry bile nampak lempeng 2!!!! Urmmmm...nyam2!!!

vagg. said...

smlm baru mkn lempeng kak. ngan kuah gulai lebih masak thari heheh

yupp.. budak2 kena remind benda2 nih kan.. kalo x.. diorang suka je nk membazir ckp itu xsedap ini x sedap

lil^RED799 said...

hehheheh abih muke la abg buat .... hiks!~

ita.itu said...

yaampun..lempeng sure ada lam blog akak ek..bila la nak buat sy ni..hehe

adenium said...

lempeng ngan kuah sardin... memang tak bleh tahan... :-)

ak_0143 said...

ooh.. lapor lempeng lak!

aduh, seksanya baca blog ini...
korek entri lama, tapi keriutan di perut aku yang merasa!!