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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Yet, another beautiful wedding!

We have decided for weekends, we will not leave the house unless there is any pressing matters that require us to leave home. Besides my better half works on Saturday (nasib baik just half day) so that means he will have lesser time to rest at home than us.
However, last weekend was the first exception case for the year. Once my better half came back from work and after zuhur prayer we headed to Seremban to attend a wedding. This time, my work mate's wedding.
I have committed to her that I will be there, so I won't feel good if I don't attend it. She is such a sweet girl and I will make the best effort to be there on the happiest day of her life.
I love the way the food was served. Tak payah nak beratur for buffet.
The cuties enjoyed the food as well. My baby may be small in size but jgn tak tahu, her favourite food is nasi beriani!
They had some sort like a live band going on. The spokeperson of the bank even announce this band only plays lagu lama2 , and absolutely no rock songs! Then, there was someone started singing the Aris Ariwatan song, Cinta Tak Kenal Sapa. Suara sejibik macam Aris, I told my hero to go and snap some photos....Sekalinyer.......Inilah Aris Ariwatan. Tapi suara really power!
The mempelai gave to sets of goodie bags to the guests. One type is for the children and another for the adult. So, in total we got 5 goodie bags! I like!
To my dear beautiful bride, we wish nothing but your happiness and blessed with children. And, sape buat make up yer, really beautiful and natural!
As a conclusion, I just love going to weddings!

6 normalies:

vagg. said...

kak.. hahaha gambo second tuh nampak macam abang suap nasik kat mulut adik dia ngan senduk haha

atty's said...

acar buah my feveret..nyammie..
liza tantek pakai tudung mcm tuh

ayusolo said...

yer kak liza sama mcm suka gi wedding...sebab bg sy tu aderlah satu occasion yg sgt happy n nak share dgn semua org...and i hope people come when my time kan..dkt muar johor mcm jauh jerk kan..huhuhu...:(

lil^RED799 said...

kak liza dah kurus la!!!!
muke nampak lebih sweet...
wahhh jelesnye saya!!!!
i have gaine few kg's since mak aji n pak aji was here!

ita.itu said...

cantik pengantinnye kan..meriah tol

ak_0143 said...

lapor nasi beriani lak!!!

kak liza... nampak kurus sket la dalam gambar ni...