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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Minah Drama

My princess has been a drama fan. Segala drama she will follow. During school holidays was worse! And when I come back from work, she will start to update me on the latest happenings of the drama.
When school starts, I will not allow the cuties to watch TV on school nite. So, TV can only be accessed from Friday nite till Sunday evening, curfew at 7pm. Other than that, no TV allowed.
Last Friday, she asked for my permission whether we can leave early after dinner as she wanted to watch Gerak Khas. Not to dissapoint her, I said yes.

I am wondering and still wondering we did she get this from, I am not really into this drama thing, takkan my better half kot?

3 normalies:

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha... mak nye drama gakk.... hahahaha

andy21 said...

ala.. mak dia akn suker wat drama tapi drama ala-ala gerak (bukan gerak khas tapi gerak awai untuk g lunch.. yeah!!! i like)

ak_0143 said...

dulu minat la ikut drama
skrg, takdenye...
internet menjadi obsesi!