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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Similarities in Johor weddings

Based on my personal observations, there are few similarities in Johor weddings that I have attended so far:
1. The entertainment

Karaoke is mandatory. No wedding can happen without karaoke. Be it whether the singer sings out of tune or just simply tone deaf, the karaoke will still go on and on and on.....
2. Lucky draws
Yup, got lucky draw one. This is for the helpers aka penanggah. The draw will be done at the end of the wedding after all the dishes and pots and pans have been washed. In a way, as a motivating factor for the helpers to stay until the end of the wedding
3. The penanggah ladies.
I think every kampung will have this group of ladies helping out to clear the tables, to give the goodie bags and other related stuff. They will be dressing in this identical baju kurung which normally will be according to the wedding colour theme. I find that pretty cool!
4. Bubur
All weddings, apart from the normal nasi beriani set, they will also have the bubur, usually bubur pulut hitam or bubur kacang.
5. Kuih on the table
This is usually given by the orang kampung as part of the token for the tuan rumah. This will then be placed on the tables for the attendees.
Unique right? Something different from the typical wedding we attend here in the city.

4 normalies:

mama mya said...

saya dah lama x pi kenduri kawin huhuhu.. sonot nengok

re = lega hati bila dapat jumpa rambut yg keluar dari tutt hehehe

lil^RED799 said...

kuih ape tu kak liza???
cam menarik perhatian tekak je... hehhehehhe

eh... my old time favourite bubur lah...
pulut hitam...sedapnye!!!!

me, myself, cici and titi said...

attending wedding is one of my fav outing. sebab masa tu la dapat makan nasi minyak or briyani dengan ayam masak merah, dengan kurma daging lembu or kerbau, tambah lagi kalau ada acar buah yang ada bijan tu....adehhhhhhhh.... tapi kalau ada pajeri nenas or nenas tumis air pun ok.... lagi dengan kemeriahan, penuh warna-warni, kegembiraan.... happy moment....

rindu nye ngan kenduri kawin nihhhhh

Liza said...

mamamya-kita pun sonok gi kenduri kawin

lil^red-not sure lah sis what kuih is that, nanti I tanyer my mom in law,again another similarities about us kan cause that bubur is my fave too!

fazid-dgr u punyer description tu pun dah buat I terliur