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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Wedding hopping with the in-laws - Day Two

We survived Day One of the wedding hopping, now let see whether we'll make it for the Day 2.

This time, the wedding is quite a distance from my in-laws house. About one hour drive. Located at Labis, this place is called Felda Moakil. The journey was smooth. Not much traffic heading towards direction.
This family is relative to my dad in-law. The wife is his cousin. Previously, the family stayed at my dad in-laws kampung until the family was offered some land to be developed under Felda and has been residing here. Apparently, lots of the villagers also received the same offers in various locations in Malaysia as far as Pahang. My dad in-law also had the offer but declined as he already have a business, the mini market at that time.
The concept for this wedding was gold and white. The whole wedding was so beautiful and you can see was really well prepared.
Ingat Mawi je kawin ada sponsor, the mineral water for the wedding was also by this company. Siap ada Chef Wan lagik.
I love the bunga telur. The choice of colours were so meriah and very bright.
We did not stay for long. My better half wanted to leave early, wanted to avoid the traffic for our journey home to BSP.
Nasib baik just one wedding. The other one, we did not follow. Otherwise, memang tak larat tau.

3 normalies:

me, myself, cici and titi said...

nie "jalan-jalan carik rumah pengantin nie" ahahhaha..meriahnya bunga telur tu...

Liza said...

fazid-i pun love the bunga telur so much! very festive kan?

lil^RED799 said...

hamikkkkkk besar gabak muke chef wannye..... dasatt...
wahhh... bunge telor tu self service kah?