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Monday, 1 June 2009

Zaza's birthday @ Chillis

This celebration was a pre-birthday celebration. Zaza's real birthday is this coming Thursday, but since Fadzillah will not be around that day, and I will not be around Monday till Wednesday, so to celebrate it a week earlier was the most sensible thing to do.

Zaza is a sister I have known since 2005, the day I interviewed her. When she join shortly after that, we became close via Fadzillah whose husband was Zaza's classmate.

Though we don't see each other that frequent, that goes to my other sisters at the place I work at, I will still make it a point to celebrate their birthdays.

We decided to go to Chillis cause they offer free birthday cake(a slice only ya!) for the birthday girl. Fadzillah and I went there early to book the table and Zaza arrived later.

Banyak nyer food, sape nak makan nie...Ended up we tapaued some of the food after that.
The singing and blowing the candles ceremony where the whole Chillis staff sang for Zaza, one of the reason why we love doing birthdays at Chillis.

To Zaza, we may not be as close as we were before, and that is purely because the hecticness of our job nature. Nevertheless, I have not stop caring for all my sisters, though it may be perceived differently. Take good care of yourself and all the best. Lastly, congrats on the promo!

2 normalies:

atty's said...

happy besday in advance for zaza..

lain kali leh celebrate kt chillis

Liza said...

atty - nanti liza sampaikan kat zaza, celebrate kat chillis nie memang happening skit