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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Accidental Dinner

I am still trying to figure out why the traffic was super bad this evening. It was bad in the afternoon during lunch and I was told it may be caused by this charity event organised by Cartier where all the attendees are supposedly the rich and famous community. But, when my better half came and pick me up from work and the traffic was getting worse, I was silently cursing if it's because of this rich people again, can't the flaunt their wealth else where and let us go home.

From the lobby where my better half pick me up, after 20 minutes, the car only moved about 10 meters. We felt it's better for us to park our car, have a good dinner then go home once the traffic gets better. Otherwise, we will be stuck in the traffic and feeling hungry!

I asked the cuties what they feel like having and they unanimously wanted to have Pizza Hut, so Pizza Hut that is.

We ordered the package meal where they have the soup accompanied with the garlic bread, pizza and pasta as well as soft drinks. I did eat anything cause I had a good lunch at a new place, which I will reveal later in this blog. Under the diet program, you are not supposed to have dinner after 7 yer adik2......

If not because of the traffic, we would be enjoying dinner at home but we were at Pizza Hut instead. The cuties was enjoying this but to me, there's nothing like eating home cook food at home.....

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