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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

I'm not the only one with a new toy

Ever since I got this for myself, I am so into it. I bring it everywhere I go as it is convenient to do so now.
Remember I got my better half a new toy as well...that leaves the mobile he was using not utilise by anyone. Since the cuties did very well during their last exam, we felt we are ready to give this to them. We purchase a new number and briefed them the do's and don't's of having one. I even quoted a line from Spiderman "with great power come great responsibility". Drama betul lah Mama ni....

We also informed we will only load an X amount of prepaid on monthly basis and they need to manage this as the mobile should be used during emergency only. And if their exam results drop(any of them), we will take this away. Not to be strict, but we just want them to learn to earn what they want.
So everyone got a toy each and live happily ever after....hahaha!!!!

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