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Thursday, 4 June 2009

Big Apple Again Then Movie

I took the day off last Monday and Tuesday. It was indeed well spent with my cuties and my better half of course.
The cuties have been wanting to watch Night at The Museum 2. We went to Alamanda on Sunday to watch that but the tickets were sold out hence we went again on Monday.
The crowd was quite large considering it was a school holidays. We had to que for nearly 15 minutes before it's our turn to purchase the tickets. I was told they reserved 2 theatres just for this movie due to overwhelming response.
While waiting for the movie to start, we made our way to Big Apple just for a light meal. I am still on my diet so I just had one semi glacier doughnut with coffee while my better half and cuties where having doughnut spree.
What I thought of the movie?
I love the movie, it was fun and funny at the same time has "morale of the story" attached to it.
The suspense element is also there and if I am an American, I would also learn history at the same time.
I had a good time that day and I hope the cuties felt the same way too!

4 normalies:

FazidElias said...

ahahahah one hilarious movie kan... eh dah ada cinema kat alamanda ekk...waaaahhh senang laaa...tak payah turun seremban anymore :D

Liza said...

fazid - the movie memang hilarious, i laughed to hard!

ak_0143 said...

ooo best ek
tak tgk lagi...
*telan air liur*
big apple plak..

Liza said...

ak - u should watch this movie, memang best