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Thursday, 4 June 2009

Sate Kajang vs Mee Bandung Muar

One thing about school holidays that I love would be the fact we can start our jalan2 cari makan session. We can travel a bit further from home on our hunt for the food we don't usually get to eat. This is because the cuties will not have to wake up early the next morning for school.

Last Monday, my better half suggested for us to have our dinner at Kajang, to have Sate Kajang to be exact. We always have our Sate at Sate Emas but we decided to try something else beside Sate and saw this stall which offer Mee Bandung as well. Sate YD gerai no 9 namanyer...

The waiting was killing us. Lama giler. We waited for nearly an hour before food was served. Tu baru sate nyer, the mee bandung came 15 minutes later. When the sate was about to finish the cuties were still hungry so we thought we want to order more sate. However, after waiting for another 15 minutes and satenyer tak kunjung tiba, we pay and left after that.

This is one good lesson to me should one day I decide to have my own business. Typically, those who owns tak kiralah food outlet or even small sundry shops don't even know how to smile. When customes walked in to the shop, this breed of people would give one look as if like the customer menyusahkan them. They should actually treat this as rezeki kan? Tak bersyukur langsung, orang tak datang sampai kedai tutup baru tau.

Having said that, lama dah dapur kat rumah tu tak berasap, asik makan luar jer......hhhhmmmmmmm......

3 normalies:

ak_0143 said...

makan lagi???
blog ini makin kejam kepada pelayar2 internet di waktu malam!!!

Anonymous said...

Kalau kat tempat lain other than Malaysia.... org berebut rebut nak amik order, sikap sambil lewa ah menular.

Kita sebagai konsumer kene ajar mereka2 ini, inform and educate others and last but not least pi other food places which are more welcoming.

Liza said...

ak - rasakan...hahaha!!!(sambil gelak jahat)

anon - very true, bengkek betul rasa