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Monday, 15 June 2009

Curry Puff @ IKEA

PuffI don't know about you guys but for me and my family, a trip to Ikea would not be complete if we don't drop by the Ikea Cafe to get the famous Ikea curry puff. The curry puff is huge and it has eggs in it. It's best when serve hot and goes very well with a cup of coffee.

The que as predicted, was long. But, reminding myself how good this taste, I waited patiently in the line.

Bought one dozen, since we are dropping by my parent's place. My dad loves this curry puff too.

The cuties would always want the RM1 ice cream. They simply love them!

And while typing this, I am wondering when will be the next trip to Ikea, the best place I would want to be!

3 normalies:

lil^RED799 said...

baru terbayang2 karipap ikea....
dulu masa setadi untuk final exam...
sejuk2 di lebri kdu tuh..sanggup lari kejap ke ikea semata2 nak karipap.... selalu jumy la yg kene teman... hahahha lepastu berebut makan dlm kereta... belom sempatsapai lebri balik... karipap dah habis! :P

adenium said...

yess..karipap ikea terbaiks.... arituh berkira2 nak beli ke tidak.. perut dah sentak... and we r heading tuh william plak lps tuh..last skali tak beli..huh... kene pergi lagiks..

Liza said...

lil^red-karipap ikea nie mmg kena makan panas2

Sid-kalau gi lagik skali, beli lebih tau!