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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The cutiess birthday party - The tahlil and doa selamat

Last Saturday was the cuties birthday bash. This was the event that we have planned for weeks.

The cuties were not born on the same day, and not on the same month as well. My baby was born in March, Princess in April while Hero in June. Hence, every year, we will have a big celebration in May to be fair to all 3 and to be fair to the parents as well..Bankrupt ler kalau nak buat birthday party every month kan?

This started with tahlil and kenduri doa selamat started around 12pm. The main crowd would be the neighbours and orang surau. We thought since we are going to cook for a large crowd, better take the opportunities to have the tahlil and doa selamat as well. Insyallah, lebih berkat and much more convenient.

This is my niece, Iwan's daughter, Anis. She will be 1 year old this July and is the apple of my eye.
My dad and dad in law ; 2 of the most important man in my life.
The crowd divided to muslim and muslimah....
Alhamdulilah, all went well. Now, need to turn the house around for the birthday portion pulak.

3 normalies:

adenium said...

saya sgt suka kari ayam tuh... best....
semoga impian untuk bukak catering dan event mgt terlaksana....
pastuh... food testing ajak saya yek ..heheh

atty's said...

ramai jugak org time tahlil..lawanya tuan umah pakai pink..

atty pun doakan liza..berjaya buka catering one day.amin

Liza said...

adenium - thanks sebab doakan akak yer

atty - ramai gak atty, penuh ler rumah alhamdulilah...and Insyallah, kalau usaha kuat dan Allah izinkan