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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The much long awaited birthday party entry

The preparation started about a month before the event. Yup, very well prepared and carefully thought of event despite having to juggle between other commitments in life like work and making sure the cuties were well prepared for their exams.

We have agreed to segregate this event into 2 segments ; the afternoon was for the tahlil and later at 4pm would be the birthday party. Why 2 segments? Cause based on our experience. when all of our guests come all at once, they will be those who we won't even get the chance to talk to. And that would not fit the purpose of having a party when you can't even spend time to talk to your guests.

We engaged McD to organise the games for the party. We thought what is a childrens' birthday party without games. At first we wanted to engage this event company which are specialised in handling this kind of thing, but the quote given were too expensive which we thought it was kind of ridicilous to pay such amount of money.

All the food were self cooked except for the burger and pizza. We wanted to have 2 sets of menu, one for adults and the other one for children.

We also had 2 cakes, the afternoon was the Ben10 cake chosen by my hero and the afternoon was the Powerpuff Girls cake chosen obviously by my princess and my baby.

You wanna know more about the party with more pics(I was too busy making sure all went well that I forgot to take most of the pictures, luckily I have many friends who were doing the snapping of pics for me), come and visit this blogs(ada yg tak update lagik kot), those who were kind enough to travel to our humble home to share this occassion with us.

Gina Manan - who was one of the first person to arrived. Thanks for coming and taking the trouble to make sure she got the right gifts for the cuties,. thanks dear and if you are in KL, let's have lunch

K Red - who helped me to send some of the invites out. I was bugged down with work that I did not get the chance to invite all personally, thanks babe!

Atty - who brought along her adorable daughter and cute little son. Atty is a fun person to talk too and hope to get a chance to get to know her more

Ayu the Sun - no wonder we get along very well kan? We share the same crazy friend all this years without us realising it. What a small world

Sid aka adenium - made up this crazy GBM gang, memang giler2 sungguh! Dah add kat FB kan?

Ayusolo - my tierack supplier with lil^red. Dah jadik minah blackberry yer, sungguh gigih nak mendapatkan storm yg baru gigih ler menjual more scarves....she came with eliya, entah apa link nyer yer....

Mamamarina - my next taman neighbour. I have been frequenting her blog and when she delivered her third baby, I got her something which I only got the chance to give to her during the party. Merasalah anak dia dah jalan baru dapat the present...

Azrul - my brother who came with Andy. Walaupun lambat datang gak kan. Though it will be sweeter if you guys came to do the dishes as well ;)

To my good and bestfriend Fahmy, who came when he knows the fact if he don't, putus kawan yer....hahahaha!!!

And to all those who came, my sister aka workmate Fadzillah and Zaza, my workmate Pai, my relatives, neighbours and friends who made it. Thanks so much for coming....

The presents the cuties got. Banyak giler, itu belum lagik the cash received. Thanks to all. Our intention has always been to celebrate this with the people we care about and getting all this gifts are a bonus to us. We appreciate all gifts given very much!

Sorry lah, not many pics, hazab betul nak upload pics with this "super fast" internet connection! You can see more pics from the above links.

And lastly pesanan dari penaja, kalau nak order food for catering silalah yer...One step towards owning my own event management and catering business with my better half...Insyaallah

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Cris said...

My son had his first birthday party just last year and I can totally agree with you! I started planning for it 2months before 'cause I really want it to be special, being his first and him being our firstborn. We told our guests to come at different times, the kids in the afternoon and our adult friends at dinnertime so all of them would fit in our small house. Congrats for having a fun and successful party!

*ayu* said...

ye kak liza!!! kerana shazul kita gila kan? mauahahhahaaaa...

i had a blast last saturday!!!

the food was awesome..
the crowd was awesome..
the host was an ultimate awesome...
and the cuties was super awesome!

thnks for inviting kak..

Liza said...

Cris - Thanks for the tips, should be useful for future parties

Ayu - the crowd was awesome and that made the whole party full of awesomeness!

To ALL TieRack Scarf LOvers.... said...

Hi...minat tudung tie rack? kunjungi kami di untuk tudung tie rack yang di hantar terus dari UK,,,hanya RM 58 sehelai

adenium said...

kakliza....l like ayam kari tuh... besttt

atty's said...

liza..thnks for inviting

nextyear kalo ade makan2 lagi jgn lupas jemput tau..hehehheh

Mamamarina said...

Sis Liza.. first of all... tq so much for the invitation... ermmm my kids nampak je maen ber2 tapi diorang becok bercerite best pegi birthday party.. until the next day bile Iffah nampak McD sign.. die ckp mama mcm kat rumah aunty tu kn?? eheheh.. ayam kari sgt sedap la ... tapi x dpt nk bersosial lebih2 ngan blogger laen.. melayan diorang si kecik2 ni.. tp one thing for sure the party was rock!!! btw.. I need to tell you that ur kids well behaved and soft spoken.. and I harap anak2 I akan mcm diorang baek aje ngan org laen.. Ameeeeeeeeeeeen

Liza said...

sid - tu resepi asli turun temurun

atty - tak payah ler tggu next year, Insyallah, kita buat potluck bila lil^red balik yer

mamamarina - your kids pun well behave and admire you can take care of 3 small kids by yourself without jerit mcm tarzan like me