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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Fish Spa - Again

Last weekend the cuties we literally begging me to take them to the fish spa. They enjoyed the first session we had @ OU so they wanted to go through the same experience again.
The nearest fish spa that I have encountered would be the one @ Giant Nilai. The price was the same, RM5 for 10 minutes.
Once we entered Giant, the cuties ran to that place. I have yet to pay and they already dipped in their feet in the fish pond. Harus nak kena marah bebudak nie.
I was not really in the mood for this at that moment so I gave this a pass. So was my better half. We just sat there and watch the cuties having fun.
I also learnt there's a fish spa @ KLCC Aquaria. Perhaps, masa stress2 kerja can consider that as a therapy. May be very soon cause big work project is really around the corner!

2 normalies:

vagg. said...

i miss the cuties.. huhuh

adenium said...

nak keje kat klcc gaks....