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Sunday, 7 June 2009

Helicopter Vs Nasi Ayam Pok Tek

Last Thursday while making my way to work, I noticed quite a number of helicopters flying and doing some sort of formation. I was cracking my head on the reason for this flying formation. Nak kata due to Hari Merdeka, lama lagik kan.

Then only I remembered, this must be for the Agong's birthday celebration. Usually, they will have some sort of parade for this occasion...

Then, for lunch, we ordered Nasi Ayam Pok Tek(ye ke spelling camnie) from Kg Bharu. Never heard of this but it seems like this place is famous. Apart from the chicken, there were masak lemak nangka and pucuk ubi with sambal cili padi. It was nice but not my kind of food......

And this 2 things takde kena mengena kan? Well, saje nak criter the happenings on Thursday.

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