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Monday, 22 June 2009

An Afternoon @ Alamanda

We need to do groceries shopping and usually we will do this @ Giant Nilai. However, last weekend, we thought to try and shop @ Carrefour Alamanda. Yup, we have been to Alamanda so many times but never to the Carrefour.

First, we had our lunch first. I did not cook as my better half told me we will have lunch at our back door neighbour’s who have invited us for a kenduri doa selamat and tahlil. But, when my better half arrived from work, he said that house looked like they are organizing a wedding. Since we were invited via another neighbor and not even getting an invitation card, he decided not to go. So, lunch outside instead.

In Alamanda, the food choices are quite limited hence we always opted to have our meals at the Food Court. More choices and everyone can pick the type of food they want.

I had curry mee which was not nice at all, while Baby had her favourite sizzling and my Princess had chicken rice. My better half had his usual Nasi Campur. The most weirdest is my hero who decided not to have anything and ended up eating everyone’s food. Macam buffet spread lak.

Back to the groceries shopping, it was not a pleasant experience. We felt the items were disorganized and quite messy. Next grocery trip, we’ll stick to Giant Nilai.

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