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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

More gardening this weekend??

My better half and my dad share this same passion about gardening. Whenever my dad comes over to our humble home, they can talk for hours on this topic of gardening ; which plant is good, what flower is suitable for which corner of the garden...yada yada yada....
My parents come over quite frequent to our humble home. They told me they miss the cuties very much, to the extend one day my dad was having this dream where the cuties went into the room and my baby slept next to him....Kesian akak dengar. So, everytime this trip happened, surely there will be plants accompanied with it. So far, we have to small coconut plants one each at the back and front of our humble home and few more other plants which you just don't have to ask what's the name of this cause I am very clueless!!
Last week my dad bought all this plants for my better half. My better half was very excited and already know where to plant all this. Me?? Akak rasa biasa jer, nak excited apa kan?
So, now the small garden in our humble home has been filled with plants and flowers. I love the ambiance of all this. And what makes me love this more???
Cause I don't have to do anything and enjoy the view!!!!

4 normalies:

watie said...

tiba2 terpikir hihihi umah saya x de pun pokok bunga kikiki... mintak sekuntum bunga hihihi

atty's said...

rajin..liza..tak rugi..nanti kalo hasilnya dh nmpk puasati..

vagg. said...

datuk nenek mesti slalu rindu kat cucu2 kan

adenium said...

welcome back... suka nya kak liza dah update... :-)