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Saturday, 18 July 2009

Weekend@Batu Pahat - The Kenduri Preparation

Last weekend, we took the trip back to Batu Pahat. It's been ages since we went back there, the last time was early May. I missed my mom in law and couldn't wait to come back.

It was also a special weekend, there will be a kenduri to welcome the month of Ramadhan. Yup, still early but in kampung you take turn to have this kenduri and there are many houses would want to have kenduri. To make sure no kenduri clashes with each other, they will come up with a schedule. I find that pretty cool, something you don't get to see in the city. Semangat kemasyarakatan ler kan...

The first half of the day was for the preparation of the things for cooking. The ladies of the kampung came "berduyun tiba" to help out. It's called rewang. They will each bring their own knives and started to do what's necessary to be done like peeling the onion, and other related stuff.

I was in charge of cooking hence was at the side of the house most of the time. I was accompanied by my better half.
Some of the lauk we cooked - ayam kurma, kari ayam and sayur kacang.

Next update - the kenduri time and how the cuties were in the berhempas pulas mode to help....

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adenium said...

emmm tetiba jer rasa nak makan lauk kenduri..hehehe