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Monday, 3 August 2009

Anti ISA Protest Demo

Nope, I am not gonna start to blog about politics, nor am I gonna tell you which side I am on.

As being portrayed in most of the newspaper, much spoke about in the TV news as well as as the coffee shop talk, the demonstration in KL went on. My opinion on this is - I don't I have the right to have an opinion. None of my family members have been ISA'ed hence I would be able to feel the pain and suffering that those whose loved ones have been detained without hearings. My dad has always been around compared to those kids whose father was not there to attend to them through their joy and pain. And I was really kind of upset while watching the news last night about this pakcik who complained he was stuck in the shopping for 2 hours and of course those traders who claimed they have experienced a loss due to this scene. Why don't we stop and think the feelings of those directly effected by ISA and how many years they have been stuck in detention and the loss of income while they are being detained. You do the maths. Those ladies must be happy to know they are not alone and they are alot others who is feeling their pain. Hence, I don't think I have any opinion as I don't have the right to have an opinion.
Anyway, feeling this, made me appreciate my family more and one person who I always looked up to is my mom in law. She is one tough woman and have been through many things in life. She still managed to smile though her heart is aching inside. And one of her strength is in business. She has this small boutique which she started several years ago and every time we come back to kampung, it seems getting bigger. Her customer based have been increasing so do her collections. In fact, I am one of her loyal customers.
She inspired me to be a better mother, wife and Insyallah, a good business women.

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*ayu* said...

praying th best for u kak liza..

Liza said...

ayu - thanks sis, appreciate that!