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Thursday, 13 August 2009

The day I felt like an incompetent mother

I never had a maid. Not that I am against those who have one, but that's just the choices that me and my better half decided. We felt, both of us still can manage the chores and so we decided, not a necessity to have a maid. I am blessed to have a better half who is very hardworking to help me out.
However, like I have mentioned thousand times how workload is really overwhelming nowadays. Most of the time, after I sat down with the cuties to help them with their homework and after I cook dinner, I have to go to my mini office in my room to do office work. I still manage to do some of the housework but not the cleaning part.
Last weekend, I had to make a difficult decision, that is to hire people to clean my house. It's not something I like doing because I felt may be it's a waste of money. Maybe they don't really clean the house up to my expectations. and may be....a whole loads of may be....
But, I know I have to be realistic. There's no way no matter how I juggle, I can do everything.
Alhamdulilah, the decision was really worth it. They did this spring cleaning package where they send 3 people to scrub clean the whole house, from the kitchen to the bathroom to the rooms and halls. Memang berbaloi baloi!!!
After this would be the maintenance part where they will come 4 times a month and clean the house again.
And the good thing is I got to spend my Sunday with my better half and the cuties, talking and playing games in our garden. That makes the spending much more worth it!

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nae said...

I call it delegation of duty :)Definitely does not make you less of a great mother. Simply a modern mom who knows how to manage her household as well as her office.