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Monday, 31 August 2009

A Merdeka Entry - Why Merdeka Means A Lot To Me

After few days of silence, I finally got the chance to do an entry, and this one is not an autopublish entry. While typing this, my better half is sitting next to me watching Demi Moore in action in the movie Indescent Proposal, one of her best acting.
Yup, we have just entered the Merdeka Day and let me share why Merdeka Day means a lot to me.
Merdeka Day......
This is my parents wedding anniversary. They were married 40 years ago on that day. Very convenient, so every years celebration, no need to apply leave, a celebration is totally guaranteed.
This year, we have to delay the dinner bit later, since it's Ramadhan and my dad don't really like to eat out or even eat that much during iftar cause he don't want to miss even a day of Terawih. So, perhas we'll have a good celebration later.
Merdeka Day also marked the 1st year we moved to our new house. A very easy date to remember....
And my real Merdeka, was back in 2003, when all the loans we have were settled and we lived for 5 years debt free until 2008, when we bought our new humble home and the new car, that was done after long hard thought.
So, Merdeka don't have to be 31st August, it can happen to us everyday....Just that whether we are willing to look hard enough for it.
With that said, Selamat Menyambut Hari Merdeka and Have a good time with your family....

3 normalies:

FazidElias said...

cam baru je u pindah ke BSP ekk liza...dah setahun rupenya

adenium said...

salam merdeka... :-)

Nurhayati said...

Happy 40th Anniversary to ur parents!! bestnye harap2 kita pun dapat gak celebrate sampai ke 40 gakkan.

Selamat hari merdeka!!