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Monday, 31 August 2009

My Merdeka Day Plan

Being married to someone who works in a hospital, one of the sacrifices that need to be made is not to have your better half home with you on Saturdays and at time public holidays. And this is what will happen today...
So, what's my plan for the day.
After sahur, and subuh prayer, I plan to have my very own DVD marathon. The house has been cleaned over the weekend and the cuties schooling needs for Tuesday are ready. So, I finally get to relax.

The chosen movies :

Ghost of Girlfriend Past

I Love You Man

Public Enemy

in no particular order.
If my maths are correct, I should be able to complete before Zohor prayer and then will start to prepare for Iftar.

The menu of the day
Bubur berlauk...nope, it's not bubur lambuk. Will blog about that later.
For now, let me put my feet up and relax while I enjoy this movies. Will blog about the review, that is if I don't doze off in front of the TV....

1 normalies:

*ayu* said...

u wont dooze off if the movies make u wide awake kan kak? :D

salam merdeka!