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Monday, 31 August 2009

Terawih is now our routine

I love Ramadhan. I always waited for this particular one of the Islam calendar. There's a lot to do in Ramadhan, planning what to cook for Iftar, planning for Raya and many more. But the best part is able to perform Terawih prayers.
We always make sure we don't miss terawih prayers. It is very important to us considering this only happened in the month of Ramadhan. Last year, we don't really get to focus on terawih as we were still commuting from KJ to BSP. This year, alhamdulilah, was much smoother.
Another difference we planned this year is to perform terawih prayers at different mosque on weekends. Last nite was at Putrajaya Mosque, we planned to go to the new masjid besi next weekend. Will blog about our experience at Putrajaya Mosque later.

The cuties love it too. Alhamdulilah, now they are much older and easier to manage. I remember back in 2007 when my baby was only 6, I have to make sure I sit at the corner with sufficient place for her to sleep.
I am hoping for Ramadhan to pass very slowly. And when it finally does.....I will surely look forward to the next Ramadhan.

2 normalies:

Nurhayati said...

bestnye dapat gi tarawikh..
yati ni nak pegi susah, ada sikenit ni.. dah besar2 leh pegi samakan..

Anonymous said...


loved reading about the terawih. semoga bulan ramadhan penuh dengan gembira dan aman.

nw (