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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Iftar Menu - Mee Rebus

When it comes to Ramadhan, one of the difficulty we faced is to know what to prepare for Iftar. So this year, we have changed our MO. We let the cuties decide what they want ot have instead. They will prepare the list weekly so that it's easier for us to prepare the ingredients.
One of the items in the menu was Mee Rebus. I know they love this hence was not that surprise this was in the menu.
The condiments, consists of daun sup, green chillies and lime.
The gravy, panas menggelegak dalam kuali.
The cuties couldn't wait to get their hands on the mee rebus....Yummy....
So, esok iftar aper pulak yer...Tunggu!!!!

2 normalies:

*ayu* said...

sedapnya!!!!! hantar kat PJ semangkok???

adenium said...

adoiii bestnya... bila nak g makan umah kak liza lagik nih... ehehehe