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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Terawih @ Masjid Putrajaya

We were very fortunate as we get to the chance to perform the Terawih prayers at Putrajaya Mosque last Sunday. We thought to make this Ramadhan a more variety Ramadhan, not only the iftar menu, also where we have the Terawih. However, this can only be done over the weekend as the cuties will still need to sleep early on the weekdays. Dah ler kena bangun sahur kan?
We arrived quite late, the Isya' azan was already on air. Parking was a big issue, we couldn't get one so my better half dropped me and the girls first while he and my hero looked for a parking spot. He got one, right in front on PM's gate house.
The mosque is so beautiful. It's so huge and cozy. When we arrived were alot of jemaah there. And it's a combination of international jemaah. The ablution place was at the basement, again very convenient.
After terawih, we took the cuties for a walk at Dataran Putrajaya. It was Merdeka eve, so some where gathering there for the Merdeka countdown.
Some pics taken that nite...
Next on the list, Masjid Besi Putrajaya this weekend, Insyallah!!

3 normalies:

watie said...


mesti seronok anak2 dapat berterawih bersama2 :)

atty's said...

rajin liza tuko2 tmpt..cdg nak gitu gak..nanti.stkt ni terawih kt sek 9

The Queen Bee said...

alamak sedappnyeeee!!