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Friday, 19 October 2007

I spoke too soon

I wanted to write about this sooner but I was lost for words. I wrote an entry about how this was the best raya and guess I spoke too soon...

Last Wednesday, while we were out taking the cuties to visit the relatives, our house was broken into. The bugger took the company's laptop, the desktop that I have just purchased and not even used yet, the cuties duit tabung and duit raya as well as my better half long service award( a gold coin worth about 2k!)Not so much about the items that have been taken, but more on not feeling safe in your own house. Right after the incident, we have decided to move. The cuties can't even set foot in the house, myself and better half still have the feelings that the ******* thief is walking around our house...

We have started packing and we are moving to my parents house temporarily. December, we will be moving to the house in front of my parents house. Looks like there is hikmah di sebalik kejadian after all

For all that have been praying for our safety and happiness, may Allah reward you with all the kindness in the world. You guys have been great!

By the way, Happy Birthday to you Lili, many happy returns!

2 normalies:

Red Mummy said...

bersabar ye..

hope the kids hilang sudah traumanya.

during my time, we clean the house first, baru we took the kids, kita x nak kids tekejut tgk umah yang dah cam feri tenggelam gitu.

it takes months gak kita nak ilang rasa takut trauma tu...pindahje dok umah mem ko kalo itu lagi memudahkan.

eiseai said...

ya allah...bulan2 baik macam ni pun still people want to do bad things. and stealing children's piggy bank!! that's just plain mean!!

i hope your children will be ok. i know it affects them more than us at times. hopefully with them being near their grandma, they'd feel better...