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Monday, 3 March 2008

Kelantan - Land of Good Food

Though we are very much aware our main objective to be in Kelantan is to work, work and nothing but work, one cannot be in Kelantan without trying the good food that they serve here. That's like the biggest sin under the tourism law.
Once we arrived and after exploring the ballroom and other relevant places for the big event, we had our dinner at this place call Yati Ayam Percik. This place was recommended by the driver that will be the one taking us around during this whole trip.
The "owner" of the brand name could not miss for her photo to be taken in front of the shop.

The food consist of nasi kerabu, baging bakar, ayam percik(duh!!!), gulai kawah(Green Jr told me this doesn't compliment the nasi kerabu but akak degil, nak gak), budu with durian(no kidding), sambal belacan and the desert. Ada kuiz, tangans sapekan itew!!!???
The next day, after not getting the required sleep, we were rewarded with a big heavy lunch at this place, Nasi Ulam Cikgu. The food was excellant and never I enjoyed ulam this much. Look how pack the place is. That can safely indicate that the food is really and not because we were hungry ya amat!

I am so coming back to Kelantan!!!

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ita.itu said...

kelantan mmg kaya ngan makanan kan..sdp2 tau