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Friday, 20 June 2008

Good book, good company

After my appointment with the doctor, I decided to drive to Subang Parade while waiting for my better half to finish his work. I haven't been eating, no appetite. Went to Kenny Rogers to grab those delicious vanilla muffin and a cup of coffee from Mcd.

I just started with the next Shopaholic series, this one called Shopaholic & Baby. So far, the most intriguing compared to the others that I have read, but then again I said that everytime I start on the new series...

Sometimes, you may have all the friends around you, and yet you just need to be alone, by yourself, to gather some thoughts. Shut everything out, not responding to emails or messages...That's how I feel yesterday, and at the same time I have to restrain myself from shopping. And doing that in a shopping complex!

That's a good personal accomplishment, as far as I am concern.

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lil^RED799 said...

lajunye dah sampai the baby??? farihah =yg 1st terkedek2 lg nih...sakan berjalan n berblogging je...tunggu nanti ambil mood membaca.....novel melayu pon selambak tak hbis lg