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Friday, 20 June 2008

Report Card Day

I was not well yesterday. Couldn't sleep the whole nite, the usual. So, when I tried to wake up that morning, was so tired and having a splitting headache. Went to see the doctor at a clinic near my house. Got the day off...
Normally, people would go home and sleep...But, not me. Life schedule will continue. I arrived home at 6.30am and continued to make breakfast for the cuties. And today is the report card day! So, sleeping so far is not in the early morning itinerary.

I arrived at the cuties school close to 8am. For this morning, it'll be for my princess and my hero. Alhamdulilah, the result were not that bad. As for my princess, she did very well, she got 2nd in her class and overall standard 4. My hero also did not do too bad, Top 10 in class, but I think he was quite upset since his sister is way better than him...I told him he still have time to improve that during the final term exam and he said that exactly what he'll do. I love to see this kind of healthy competition. I choose not to put pressure on them, for me, we can motivate but the kids have to have their own initiatives as well.

I arrived home around 10am and went straight to bed. My mom told me not to worry about lunch and asked me to rest.
Around 12.30pm. Left for my baby's school. She is in the afternoon session. She had chicken pox during the exam period and took it after everyone else. Since she didn't have the luxury of time, she had to sit for 2-3 papers a day. That was the explanation the teacher gave me as the teacher predicted she got first in her class, instead she got 6 which I think it's good enough.
I still don't feel good, so heading to my personal doctor shortly!

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ita.itu said...

kak..congrats kat anak2 akak ye..rajin2 drg kan...insyallah membalas budi kan kak..amin