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Monday, 8 September 2008

The beauty of Ramadhan

One special thing about Ramadhan that you will not find in other months will be the terawih. We always look forward to this.
This will be the fourth year we are performing terawih together. At least for all of us except for baby. The last 3 years, whenever I went for terawih, I have to choose a very strategic location. Some corner lot because while I'm praying, my baby will be sleeping next to me.
This year, my baby will be joining us. And she is very excited about it. Her nenek gave her a new set of telekung, and my princess also got another one.
Hopefully we'll be able to attend as many terawih session as we can. And hopefully in future, we are able to perform this at home...

3 normalies:

ita.itu said...

alahai tomeinye pakai telekung..hehe

dott said...

bestnya dapat pergi terawih kat Masjid.

lil^RED799 said...

insyaAllah... nanti leh terawih kat rumah baru ;)