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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The Wedding

It's so ironic, during the day we visited a friend whose hope have been shattered, the death of her loved ones and for her to pick up the pieces together. While at night, we attended a beautiful event of another friend who have just starting to build hope, a hope for eternal happiness together full of promises and commitment.

I thought it was not appropriate for me to attend a wedding right after attending a funeral but my better half told me, it's not nice to spread sorrow on another's friend happiest day of his life. Especially, when you have promised you will attend.
And a wise decision that was. It was such a beautiful and cultural wedding. Full of music, dancing and laughters from the guests. It's the wedding of a friend whom I have known for the last 8 years, SA.
It was held at Concorde Shah Alam. Typically, I will start looking for new clothes for weddings but due to this prudent spending campaign I am currently on, I have decided to wear what is available in my wardrobe, and that actually made me feel better, cause I have again fit in to an old baju kurung, which I was not able to wear due to tremendous weight gain.
Still on diet so eating very moderately though the butter prawn was so delicious! The desert not only nice, it was so pretty as well.

This was a performance by the cousins and the brother of the groom, a re-renactment of how they met. Which was such a beautiful love story!

I am so happy and glad I attended the event. My better half told me being a good friend is not just being there when a friend is sad, also to be there to share a friend's happiness......

So, my dear friend, I wishing you all the happiness in the world and May Allah bless both of you!

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Mama Mya said...

cantiknye pengantin tue.. makanan pun sodap.. apasal lak peyut rasa lapor nie hiks

re = amin.. harap rajin laa saya masak lepas nie

lil^RED799 said...

dah muat baju lama??? cayalah kak liza!!!!

atty's said...

cantek baju perantin tu ..

Shopping Cabin said...

hi liza! sorry msg u kat cni..taktau cane nk msg u..
5th batch have been uploaded..lawaaa...have a look ya!

Mulan said...

dulu selalu gak blog hop to urs.. tapi lepas baca ntry Bila IZRAIL.. FELT SOOO.. TAK TAULAH..

salam maal hijrah..

Liza said...

mamamya - memang cantik and sepadan, the butter prawns are simply delicious!!

lil^red - baru satu baju, long way to go...

atty - kita pun bekenan dgn baju tu

shoppingcabin - nanti kita singgah yer

mulan - hope this effect you positively and sorry if it is otherwise

ita.itu said...

cantik la pengantin perempuan tu kak....jenis putih gitu last pegi wedding bangsa drg 3 thn lps..hehe

chotz said...

the bride is very very beautiful... mcm bollywood actress meh... i like their costume.. nnti kawen wat konsep gini laa..

Liza said...

ita - memang cun pengantin pompuan, ala2 hindustan gitu

chotz - tema bollywood nie cool gak kan and different, jgn lupa jemput akak tau!