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Sunday, 18 January 2009

Another food tasting

Part of my job is doing lots of food testing for events. Food testing is not really about normal eating, it's more about really tasting and then evaluating whether the food chosen compliment each other. Many may think it's easy but if you are involved in the food tasting, people will blame you if the food turn out to be bad during the real event day. Macam ler akak nie yang masak. There are circumstances the food was good during the food tasting but during the event day it turn out to be bad.
I did another food tasting for the last Friday's event about a week before the event. During the food tasting, I've given my comments as well as the team whom participated in this activity. It's good to have few people to be part of the food tasting as different people will have different way of evaluating things. I've also made some changes to the menu which I felt more appropriate and juve with the rest of the dishes serve.
Some of the food we get to have during the food tasting.
There were supposed to be about 7 of us but only 3 showed up hence not to waste the food, we invited the 3 ladies, my workmate (notice eiseai is one of them) who work in this building. Forgot to tell you, some of my workmates have to be relocated to our new office.
Overall, it was not bad....Even during the event, the food turn out to be ok, Alhamdulilah...
Don't worry, this will not influence my diet. Food tasting is more about really tasting the food...not melantak ok!

2 normalies:

me, myself, cici and titi said...

Liza, it looks like the best job in the world, but too risky kan... it is not easy to satisfy everybody, lagi la pasal taste bud....but to have the opportunity to taste the food before everyone else is wonderful kan

ak_0143 said...

bukak entry ni, dalam hati 'duh, makanan lagi.. abes la perut aku lapor gini"


susah gak keje cmtuh ek!