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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Good conversations

It's hard to have a good conversation nowadays. Either you just don't bother to have one or you are too busy to have one. In my case, it's usually the latter.

I have been having this work issues for the past few days. Since I refused to allow this to cloud my weekend and it will not be fair to the cuties to see their Mama to be so gloomy during our supposed to be quality time with each other, I talked to the only person I trust in this whole wide world, my better half. And a good conversation we had!

He told me I should be focusing in taking care of myself. He said I have been taking care of everyone. At home, I take care of him and the cuties, I take care of my parents and sibblings, I take care of his parents and sibblings, I take care of my friends and at work I take care of my workmate. And that all together requires a lot of caring!

And I then neglected to take care of myself, he said. I have always been too considerate of everyone's feelings but myself. I have always been sharing people's sorrow but drowned in my own sadness alone. And he felt it is time for me to do the most important thing, take care of me....

Hence, if I love my career and so passionate about it, he said the only right thing to do is to fight for it. He knows I am good at what I do and at the same time I did not neglect other important elements in my life. Be it the other person have just gone through a difficult phase in his/her life, is it my fault that happened. So, why should I give in(this is a quote from my better half). And to that, I finally regained my self esteem and confidence. And to that, it's very clear why he is my better half.

Then yesterday, another good conversation with my superior. And with this accumulated self confidence, I told my boss I have proven myself over and over again that I am an excellent employee. You can throw whatever challenge to me and Alhamdulilah, I have made it all happen. And the pressure should not be on me but to the person who is all out to take my job, at least just a 30 percent of it. Can that person excel like I did. That person certainly don't know what s/he have got her/himself into. That part of my role is actually above and beyond that what is described. Well, that's for that person to experience. Kan ko yg nak sangat ambik keje nie right?

And to that, I will make sure I have a good week ahead cause it's up to me to change this situation around.

My last word, backstabbing, bad mouthing and belittling others in order for you to move up is just not my style! Rezeki tak berkat nanti....takut woo!!!

5 normalies:

aisha said...

Gooooooo Kak Liza!!!hehehe.. betul kata ur better half, jangan sedih2 lagik.. update.. update.. update.. by the way, karipap di bawah tuh sungguh menyelerakan.. akak patut taruk resepi macamana nak buat doh dia skali la kak..

lil^RED799 said...

yayyyy!!! that's my sis!!!!
i'm supporting u from far far away yeah!!!!!

me, myself, cici and titi said...

u go girl, kalau kita buat dengan ikhlas dan niat yang betul, insyaAllah kita akan berjaya. best of luck liza.

ak_0143 said...

glad u stood up for urself
n glad for u to have ur better half...

*tiba2 hepi lak bila baca entri ni*

vagg. said...

first time tengok tajuk nih..
sangat excited nak baca..
tapi last2 saya tinggal je..
hiks. sebab sebelum tuh tak sabar nak tengok apa tindakan akak kan..

yes, sis..
lepas kita dah banyak berkorban untuk orang yang di sekeliling kita dan berbaloi untuk kita buat gitu..
sampai jugak masanya untuk kita amik sket untuk jaga hati sendiri.

berkorban utk family? YES THAT'S A MUST!
untuk orang-orang yang penting dalam hidup kita? JUGA PATUT.
dan last-last.. fikirkan jugak diri kita untuk benda yang kita rasa kita patut biar je.. padahal benda tuh tak patut untuk kita biar. kan??

so now.. take a deep breath anddddddd.... go!