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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

The nite after the first wedding hopping

I was so exhausted with all the weddings that we attended earlier today. With the fever, flu and cough, I get exhausted very fast. Usually, I am quite used to going from one house to another. During last Raya, I think our record was 7 houses in one day and I still have the energy to do some cleaning after that. But, since I was under the weather, by the time we were at the third house, I thought I was about to collapse anytime.
I took an hour nap after the medication and when I woke up, I noticed, my sis in-law and her baby boy were in the house. I did not want to be near the baby, takut berjangkit so just snap his photo.
That night, after Isya' prayer, we thought of bringing the cuties out for dinner. Yelah, satu hari makan nasi beriani. Thought of having something different. We also brought along my nephew and Adik.
First stop was to Ayer Hitam. We received 2 wedding invitations during Hari Wilayah and Thaipusam so we thought of getting wedding presents for the bride. Not gonna reveal what the present is, the bride reads this blog too :).
Then we went to Parit Raja for dinner. I wanted to get something hot like soup to relieve the flu, so I had this a Yong Tau Foo with soup.
The cuties had western food, pizza, mushroom soup with garlic bread.
Kalau ler they are always aman daman like this, senang skit hati Mama kan?
One more wedding to attend tomorrow before we headed home to BSP. Hope my body can take it.

2 normalies:

me, myself, cici and titi said...

adehhhh yong tau foo sup...tak bleh tahan la tengok...

Liza said...

fazid-i can tell you the taste was as good as the look, memang terangkat