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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Resepi lempeng and karipap

To respond to my lovely normalies of the above, let me present you the recipes for the 2 items :
Very simple. Just flour, water and salt. Add just a bit of baking powder and then mix this all together. What I usually do, I will put this in the blender and blend it, so that they are perfectly mixed.
Make sure the mixture it's not too thin or thick. Just do it as per your personal preference.
The dough - Mix flour, margerine and one egg together. If you wish to add water, just a little bit of it cause too much of it will effect the crispiness. Then, make thin layers of this and once the filling is ready, just put a small portion there. Not too much, it will burst when you fry it.
The filling aka inti - Cut potatoes into cubes. Then, blend shallots, garlic and ginger. Heat the oil and then put in the blended items. Once "naik bau" add the curry powder and wait till it's really cook. Then add in the potatoes and the shredded chicken. Cook it until the potatoes is soft enough.
vagg - akak tak pandai ler kelim tu dik, akak pakai the pembuat karipap tu je.
Selamat mencuba!

5 normalies:

adenium said...

lempeng looks easier foe me to try.... yang kulit karipap tuh tak berani nak cuba nih....

andy21 said...

tak pandai konon...

ak_0143 said...

pasni kalo ada potluck, saya mau serbu 'pot' akak!
kempunan chicken wing hari tuh masih terase!!!

Liza said...

adenium - boleh jer, it takes a lot of practise nanti boleh jer

andy21 - ko nie suka menimbulkan rusuhan

ak_0143 - boleh jer...nantikan jemputan

vagg. said...

saya tak reti gak hahaha slalu tak jadik.
arituh nak gak buat snirik.. tapi berkeriput hahaha