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Monday, 22 June 2009

Hancussssss dietku kerana Hari Bapa!!!!

We celebrate Father’s Day every year. It may not be a lavish and expensive celebration, but I always make it a point for the cuties to celebrate this day so that when they are all grown up they will value this kind of celebration and feel it’s a must to come back home.
For this year, we took my better half for a Nasi Kandar trip @ BBB. I forgotlah the name of the outlet. We have been here few times but nama akak tak ingat.
This trip was not good for me. I couldn’t fight my temptation to have Nasi Kandar though I know the clock showed it’s 10.30pm. Giler ko makan nasi memalam. But, the curry and the hot rice were so tempting that I fell for this.
We talked and share jokes and of course teka teki. Most of all we enjoyed each other company’s.
Of course, we enjoyed the food, but guilt feeling was soon came out for having such a heavy meal. Takpelah, Father’s Day punyer pasal, belasah ajerlah!

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