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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Wedding season is back again

When the school holidays start, officially it will also be the start of wedding season. This time around is no exceptions. We have started receiving wedding invites since early May and will try to make sure we don't miss any of them. Not only because we don't want to dissapoint the host, but the fact that I love going to weddings and looking at the concepts and decorations which may be useful should one day I get to pursue my dream to have my own event management company...Brangan lagik Liza nie...

The first wedding of the season was the one hosted by our next lane neighbour. It was done a day after our kenduri cum birthday party. The concept chosen was white and purple.
We arrived quite late cause we were exhausted with all the cleaning we have to do. We arrived around 3pm despite the house is just few steps away from ours.

The cuties were not really in the mood for rice and lauk kenduri so they just had very little of this. I was sharing the same sentiment as the cuties, but it will be rude not to have any, so jamah ler skit.
The favours were very unique, unlike the typical eggs, cakes or sweet, we received prayers book with tasbih in the cute little box.
We did not stay that long. The most was 30 minutes. It was so hot and I swear I heard my bed calling me ;).....

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shawLycious said...

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