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Monday, 1 June 2009

The farewell

Friday was a sad day for the cuties. It was the last day of school for them.

Nope, not because of the school holidays. Takkan emo tak jumper 2 minggu kot?
Actually, Insyallah, when the school term re-opens, they will be starting the new term at the new school here in BSP. The new school is about 500 metres from our home. With this new arrangements, hopefully it will be less hectic and they don't have to wake up at 5.30am on daily basis.

However, being in KJ school for the past few years, made them sad to leave their friends. I came to work a little bit late on Friday as per their request for their photos to be taken with their friend.

My baby morning session is at the religious school and coincedently, they were having Sports Day so it was also some sort like a farewell party for baby.

As for my princess and hero, their morning session is the primary school which organised gotong royong event that morning.
My better half took turns to snap pics for the afternoon session.

It was indeed an emotional day for the cuties. We tried to console them but later we decided to allow them to be sad and go through this phase. In real life, they will have to go through this hence this will be a good "practise" and hopefully make them stronger.

And of course, my parents will still be in KJ so we promised them they can always visit their friends should we are back at KJ.
To that, we saw their smiling faces again.

2 normalies:

Anonymous said...

hahaha.... the Indian lady teacher is my neighbour.... what a small world.

Liza said...

anon - ye ker, such a small world ya!