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Sunday, 9 August 2009

Kentucky Fried Chicken - My saviour!

One thing about malay culture, they felt they should not inform when they want to drop by friends or relatives houses as they don't want to inconvenient them to prepare food or snacks for the guest. Truth to be told ; as the host, I don't really like surprise visits. I would prefer to be given at least a day notice so that I can make sure the house is clean and I have food to serve the guest. I feel real bad if guests start coming to my house with nothing to eat and house is a mess.

That's what happened last Friday. My brother who lives in Melaka and now working in Kuantan pending his transfer approval back to Melaka wanted to drop by my house before making the journey to my parents house. I got to know about this at 4pm when he text me while I was in a meeting. Akak apa lagi, ribut huru hara and stepped out from office to get some snacks at Cold Storage. Since I only had one hour lunch break compared to 2.5 entitled hours, to go down for 15 minutes, made the guilt go away.

And on the way back, dropped by KFC drive throught at Sungei Besi to buy the family combo enough to cater for the crowd.
My brother has four kids though he got married much later than I did. His eldest daughter is the same age as my youngest aka my baby.
It was really a fun feast despite the last minute arrangement. Food was enough to feed everyone and the kids were happy.
Moral of the story - if you want to drop by your friends or relatives, bagi ler notice. Kesian kat tuan rumah, ribut nak prepare segala bagai. And look at the positive, Insyaallah, you will get better food..........

3 normalies:

*ayu* said...

its finger licking good! :)

nae said...

I hate that was embarrasing to me if I can't feed my guest as grand as possible. My saviour is usually pizza hut :)

Liza said...

ayu - yeah, definitely!

nae - my area pizza hut tak buat delivery lah, they all ingat org BSP nie tak reti makan pizza ke?