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Monday, 31 August 2009

Sticky Mode - Kerepek For Raya Order

I always thought Raya spirits are getting much faster and faster that the preparation started even 2 months before the fasting month. The first sign was when most of the tailors started to reject your request to make baju kurung for you.
So, this year like every year I will be selling Raya goodies. The only difference no more kuih raya, thought I can't really manage that since the work schedule is really very taxing. Hence, just kerepek for this year.
What we have to offer : (all are 500gm per packet)

Kerepek Bawang - RM9 per packet

Kerepek Pisang Nipah - RM9 per packet

Kerepek Ubi Pedas Kering - RM8 per packet

Kerepek Ubi Pedas Basah - RM8 per packet

Kerepek Ubi Biasa - RM7 per packet

Batang Buruk - RM9 per packet

Mini Rempeyek - RM10 per packet

How to order

Email me at

Free delivery for KLCC, Putrajaya, Bangi and Nilai for order above RM50

The rest, very low delivery charge for the delivery

Delivery will be done either via COD or once payment is done. The details of how payment can be made will be done via email.

Last order will be received by 31 August 2009 and delivery will be made by the 3rd week of Ramadhan.

Thanking you in advance for your support and best quality products guaranteed!

10 normalies:

*ayu* said...

yum yummmm....

will contact u personally later kak..

Liza said...

ayu - look forward to receive your order....

Nurhayati said...

wah cepatnye beli kerepek tuk raya dah.. yati kalau kerepek2 ni slalu beli bila dah dekat raya hehe

Liza said...

yati - takpe, order dulu, delivery one or 2 weeks before raya, up to the customer

YuRa said...

Kak liza... kalau batang buruk tu kan.. akak buat kulit dia guna apa eh.. sbb my mom nak pesan hari tu.. so i kata i nak beli kat supermarket. then dia kata taknak sebab kulit batang buruk tu dia buat guna kulit popia tak sedap... hehe...sory kalau soklan ni pelek sket coz tak expert bab2 ni..

watie said...


saya suka kerepek ubi pedassss hihihi..

Liza said...

Yura - tak sure lak, let me find out and let me know

watie - kalau suka marilah order

buaya said...

salam ziarah...

dijemput menjadi follower sy..

Umi Rose said...

awal ni dah promote....nak soping kuih raya time nak dekat2 raya nanti...ada sale tak time nak dekat raya...ahahaha....('pang' kak liza bagik)

Mulan said...

done, dah tau where i will get my kerepek semua..