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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Pre-Sahur - Ayer Keroh R&R

It has been a tradition ever since we got married, we will celebrate the 1st Ramadhan at my better half's kampung. This year is no exception. I have no complain on this since the sambutan Ramadhan there is usually more meriah than here in KL.
We left the house at around 9.30pm, we did not want to miss the first terawih so we left after that.
My baby was very tired and she slept on the way to kampung. However, we have to make one quick stop at R&R Ayer Keroh because my hero was hungry and my better half needed his coffee fix.
I only had roti bakar while the rest ate quite heavy food. I know we will have sahur later with my in laws so, keeping some space for that.
My baby was so tired she had to be carried to the car. Imagine dah darjah 2 pun nak dokong lagik.
One thing I need to share ; we all balik kg really in a gambling situation, our roadtax dah mati and it has been renewed, but the stupid agent did not deliver the roadtax and insurance on Friday afternoon as promised. What pissed me off, she did not even answer the phone. But, since we are confident it has been renewed(after research via the insurance helpline and JPJ) we decided to just go ahead. Kalau kena tahan, cakap jer lah, dah renew Tok, but ada orang bodoh lupa nak hantar...

Sabar Liza, discount nanti pahala puasa

4 normalies:

atty's said...

alahai ..sian baby.. kita mesti risau je kan le..tak tampal yang baru

Nurhayati said...

alalal ciannye sampai lelap atas meja makan. ;)

watie said...

salam ramadhan..

selamat berpuasa n berbuka :)

Liza said...

atty - risau atty takut ada road block

yati - dah ngantuk sgt tu

watie - selamat berbuka!