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Thursday, 18 June 2009

Company's Open Day - Monsters Vs Alien & Burger King

And again I am doing this skip-suka-hati-aku kind of entry. This time we're back to the our company's Open Day event. After the event held @ Mercu, we went on the

bus back to KLCC for a movie and followed by lunch after that. The chosen movie was Monsters Vs Alien the latest movie shown @ cinemas currently.
The cuties were very excited since they have seen the adverts on this movie on the billboards as well as the advert on TV. While hearing the talk held earlier, they kept on asking me when are we seeing the movie and the next question was when are we going to Aquaria. Looks like they are just into the fun stuff and not so into the educational bit of the trip.
While taking this photo, Cik Wan was telling me "mana boleh ambik gambar dalam cinema". Hahaha!!! Memang tak boleh Cik Wan but since this is the only chance I can do so, mesti lah nak take the opportunity kan. Otherwise, I may be accused on trying to film this movie and then jadik tokey DVD harams......
I have to be honest again, I was really tired and I slept just after 10 minutes the movie started. My baby told me I was really sound asleep as she was asking me for water and I did not respond.
When I woke up, about 15 minutes before the movie end, I noticed I was not the only parent sleeping in the cinema. Most of them were still sleeping! See how tired the people I worked with kan? So, due to this, no review can be given. But, the cuties loved the movie!
Then, we had lunch @ Burger King, KLCC. Frankly, that's not the best choice to eat at that hour especially when we have to beat the other lunch crowd. Ended up, some of the participants did not get to sit and took the lunch and ate them elsewhere. I guess, the organiser must have their reason for choosing this location.
My hero was so hungry, he finished the whole Whopper by himself. Mula2 nak share dengan Mama konon, but when I saw him eating this non-stop, I told him to just finish the whole burger.
Next stop, the Aquaria!!! Not only the cuties looked forward for this trip, I love Aquaria myself.
Aquaria, here we come!!!!

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