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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The night @ Pasar Malam BSP

Where we live, the pasar malam happened twice a week, i.e. every Tuesday and Saturday nite. We would usually bring the cuties for the Saturday nite pasar malam since we don't usually take them out during school night.
This pasar malam is very interesting and you can get almost everything here. We cook twice everyday for dinner and lunch(when the cuties come back from school) hence the need to top us stuff in the fridge is very important.
The usual purchase ; fishes dan sewaktu dengannyer and chicken. Cheaper and fresher than buying this at hypermarket.
We sometimes have dinner there. My princess loves the yong tau foo while my better half would always go for the mee hoon soup ala bakso. As for the 2 smaller ones, their appetite differs, sometimes burger, fried chicken or even pizza. We usually have this there, right at the stall. Ambiance is very Malaysian.
Pasar Malam has always been a Malaysian thing ever since I can remember. Been wanting to try the Pasar Malam in BBB. Readers there, comment ler the suasan of pasar malam there.

5 normalies:

*ayu* said...

yes! sesekali pergi pasar malam rasa mcm best.. lalu memana nampak pasar malam.. nak nyinggah... hiks.. so lah malaysian.. :)

atty's said...

pasr malam kt bbb..kalo dkt fasa1/sek16 depan umah mak atty..
jalan jem..kalo waktu kol 8 pm atau org balik keroje..

Liza said...

ayu - tapi gi pasar malam nie rambang mata skit kan, smua nak makan

atty - tu yg maleh nak gi tu, mesti susah nak parking

FazidElias said...

i miss pasar malam soooooo much.... pasar malam kat BBB yg kat shell yg kakty cakap tu, fasa 1.... i tak tau seksyen2 nie...masa i dulu main fasa2 aje ahahhahahah (balik nie abis la i, blank n blur). pasar malam fasa 1 tu best...u should try ishak nasi lemak, ayam pusing, rojak buah makcik yang super duper yummy tapi podeh, n roti john..lupe pulak nama stall roti john tu.... eh ada lagi ke makanan yg i sebut tu..wakakakaka

Liza said...

fazid - tunggu ko balik malaysia, then you need to bring me to the bbb pasar malam can?